• Sunday October 4

    h. 14.30

  • HALL 3

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Esmée van Loon, Olanda, 2018, 24’


“Double Lucky” is a short documentary that captures the perception of director Esmée van Loon, and three other children of pink parents, and gives insight into the confrontation with being different.

Documentary director Esmée van Loon grew up with two mothers. This always raises many questions; “Who is your real mother?”, “How have you been conceived?” and “Don’t you miss a father?” She sometimes finds it difficult to deal with these questions and decided to investigate how other young people of her age handle these situations. Marijn, Dora and Lieke all grew up with gay parents, just like Esmée. They tell her how this form of parenting has shaped them. The many questions are also present in their lies and sometimes cause frustration. You end up in all kinds of typical situations, which you normally wouldn’t even think about. Because how do you learn to shave as a guy with two mothers? Is it more difficult for a girl to deal with men if you have two mothers? Have they never wished that they just had a father and mother? But we also see it brings pride. In this film you’ll see what it’s like to grow up with pink parents and critical, but humorous, look is cast at all “well-meaning” questions.

Italian Première