• Saturday April 13

    h. 12.00

  • HALL 1

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Directors: Elisa Bozzarelli - Alice Daneluzzo, Italy 2018, 96’

    Feature Film Documentary

Melmaridè (“divorced” in dialect) is the story of group of women from Piacenza, a small city in the north of Italy, who challenged the disdain of their families and of the institutions joining the voices of the wider international feminist movement; first they founded a Feminist Collective and later started a public women’s health clinic and counselling center. The clinic was a self-directed, self-financed and free of charge structure that offered information on birth control, medical examinations, and help getting an abortion, when abortion was still illegal in Italy. A political act that arose from a profound urgency for personal freedom and self-awareness, that united them and radically changed their personal and political viewpoint. Forty years later, these women find themselves different, older, but still friends and with the same non-conformist spirit, determined in their desire not to forget that experience that changed them forever. Following them in their narration, we realised how important it is that this “small” adventure in provincial Italy is not forgotten, because it is thanks to these individual and collective acts of courage that our freedom has been and is possible. This is a collective story that is made of encounters, memories and intimacy among women who are profoundly different but who are all – more or less-happily melmaridè.