• Saturday April 13

    h. 14.30

  • HALL 2

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Patrizia Lazzari, Italy 2019, 7’ 30’’

    Short film

Mumble mumble is the “sound” of the protagonist’s brooding mind, while she struggles with a letter she cannot write and to which she would entrust her difficult coming out. Also while she is walking, her mind goes on brooding and her steps themselves become heavy, while obsessive thoughts pervade her. Looking for “the right way to tell it”, the woman traces the significant moments of her life, the discovery of herself and of her sexual orientation, the feeling of being out of place, the social conditioning, her motherhood, her relationship with her son. Finally, this mental retreat will have end and coming out will be easier than expected. Italian première.

Rerun Saturday April 13 h.18.30 Hall 3