• Saturday October 3

    h. 16.30

  • HALL 2

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Clare Unsworth, UK, 2018, 25’


Activist and spoken word poet, Leah Thorn, tackles ageism against women with poetry, retro clothes, performance and film. The issues she confronts are the lack of older women in the media and when we are present, we are a stereotype or a joke, the beauty industry making a fortune out of older women’s insecurity, poverty – many women having small pensions because they had low-paid work and/or breaks in employment to raise children or to care for ageing parents, the need to conceal, or be ‘discreet’ about physical changes like greying hair, facial hair or incontinence. She collaborated with some fantastic older women artists – sculptor Nicholette Goff, knitting artist Deborah Nash, fashion stylist and fashion lecturer Claire Angel, textile artist Trish Bishop and members of the brilliantly-named Profanity Embroidery Group – who embroidered, burned, printed, cut, beaded and stained her poetry and other women’s testimony onto retro clothes and accessories.

Italian Première