• Saturday April 13

    h. 16.30

  • HALL 1

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Ingrid Veninger / Canada 2017 / 85’

    Feature Film

During summer holidays, the thirteen years old Bea, together with her mother, comes from Toronto to a countryside place in North Ontario, on Porcupine Lake. There her father, who’s working at their family restaurant, is waiting for them. Bea is sad and lonely, she doesn’t have a best friend and her parents have decided to divorce. Kate has lived in that place since her birth, together with an absent mother, a bully and violent brother and an angry older sister, a girl-mother herself. The day when the shy Bea meets the bold Kate, immediately, between the two little girls arises the spark of curiosity, complicity, courage, adventure and that unripe and confused form of desire typical of adolescence. Conditioned by the crisis of their families, the two girls find comfort in a bond that is more than just friendship.