• Saturday October 3

    h. 18.30

  • HALL 2

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Hedvig Ahlberg - Agathe Barbier, UK, 2018, 3’

    Short Film

This is a film about strength. A strength that allows us to find our greatness – be it being a great mom or great athlete – while enduring pains like no other – menstruation, childbirth and childcare, female-specific diseases such as breast cancer and endometriosis, domestic work, domestic violence, and the plight of the patriarchy. Strength is a film about female physical and emotional strength shot through the lens of a weightlifter and a narration of poet Adele Hampton’s piece “Lessons in Olympic Weightlifting”. The film is an independent project with an all female crew, from planning to production.

Italian Première

Rerun Sunday October 4 h.16.30 Hall 2