What kind of a Film Festival would be a Film Festival without screenings? Among so many special screenings, Immaginaria “screens” itself to the 4.0 future. We don’t lack imagination, this word is in our own name since 1993.


  1. It wishes to revive the Festival in its full autonomy in a city like Rome, that belongs to a mythical dimension of cinema, and represents an ideal set for a unique cultural purpose.
  2. It wishes to reach an ever larger audience, in order to impact more strongly on socio-cultural changes, promoting the work of female directors, still a minority in the mainstrem scene.
  3. It wants to emphasize the centrality of women of every culture, social condition and sexual orientation and their role in social and political evolution.


1993 – 2005 Twelve integral editions of Immaginaria Film Festival (Bologna: Cinema Lumière, Cinema Nosadella, Cinema Jolly – Casalecchio di Reno: Municipal Theatre)

2010 Film selection at the “Cinque Giornate Lesbiche” events (Roma, Casa Internazionale delle Donne – International House of Women)

2011 – 2017 Film Days at the “Lesbiche Fuori Salone” events (Milano: Cinema Mexico – Roma: Cinema Aquila)

2015 – 2018 Partnership with Festival Mix Milano (Strehler Theatre, Milano) for the lesbofeminist film programmation.

Over a thousand films from all over the world brought to Italy from the beginning to today!


The 13th edition of IMMAGINARIA International Film Festival Of Lesbian & Other Rebellious Women comes with the Spring 2018! A few days more and we will wait for you from April 27th to 29th, 2018, at the Casa del Cinema, in Rome, to celebrate together a special edition.
The Festival has been organized by the Cultural Lesbian Association Visibilia, based in Bologna, in a partnership with Festival Mix Milano (www.festivalmixmilano.com) and with the support of many lesbian and feminist groups and associations and also under the patronage of the City of Rome, of the Casa Del Cinema in Rome, of Zetema Progetto Cultura, Villa Borghese and other local or national cultural institutions.

Immaginaria comes back to the limelight with a film selection representing lesbian and feminist issues, directed by women from all over the world.
The film screenings will be free for all the supporters of Immaginaria, who will sign a card of Visibilia Association.
How can you do? It’s easy. You have to donate online 15 euros at least
(www.produzionidalbasso.com). If you prefer, you can donate during the event, leaving your personal data. We shall prepare your card. Your support, along with others, will contribute to the success of IMMAGINARIA 4.0 Project.
Cards and gadgets can be picked directly at Casa del Cinema, during Immaginaria Festival, on April 27th to 29th.
Thank you so much for sharing our adventure!

Euro 15.00


You will receive your Basic Supporter Card to access all the Immaginaria screenings for free.

Euro 25,00


You will receive your Basic Supporter Card to access all the Immaginaria screenings for free + 1 IMMAGINARIA 4.0 tee-shirt.

Euro 45,00


You will receive 2 Basic Supporter Cards to access all the Immaginaria screenings for free + 2 gadgets ( you can choose between 2 IMMAGINARIA 4.0 tee-shirts or 2 IMMAGINARIA 4.0 shoppers )

Euro 75,00


You willreceive 3 Basic supporter Cards to access all the Immaginaria screenings for free + 6 gadgets ( you can choose between IMMAGINARIA 4.or IMMAGINARIA 4.0 shoppers )

Euro 200,00


You will receive 10 Best Supporter Cards + 10 gadgets.