PRESIDENT Ilaria Antonella De Pascalis – Researcher in Cinema, Photography and Television at the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Drama, University Roma 3.

Simona Almerini – Film critic. She is a member of the board of “Scénario” (section “Feminist Theory: Cinema & Theatre”), collaborates with “CiaoCinema” and “Articolo 21”. Her articles have been published on the journal “Cinemasessanta”.

Cristina Vuolo – Director and video-councelor, author of the series “Sul cammino di Santiago. Anche le lesbiche sono pellegrine” which went on air on Cult.

PRESIDENT Bianca Pomeranzi  Expert of the United Nations Committee for the elimination of discrimination against women (Cedaw). Feminist, author of articles on transnational feminism for several journals, among which DWF and “Democrazia e Diritto”. Expert of gender politics and of international cooperation.

Elena Biagini Activist and historian of lesbism. Author of the book L’emersione improvvisa. Il movimento delle lesbiche in Italia negli anni Settanta e Ottanta.

Cinzia Bomoll Director, writer, cinema producer. Among her recent films: Il segreto di Rahil, Balla con noi/Let’s Dance.

PRESIDENT Federica Sposato Student at Dams Cinema Roma, screenwriter and director.

Arianna Calogero Grad student at Dams Cinema Television and New Media, director, editor, previously juror at Venice Film Festival.

Caterina Barbieri Postgraduate student at Dams Cinema Television and multimedia Production. Collaborates with the collective Fujakkà, support to independent cinema.