• Friday April 12

    h. 14.30

  • HALL 3

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Maaria Sayed, India 2016, 14’

    Short film

In Indian mythology, Chudala needed to be seen as a man in order to be heard by her husband. When Rukhsana returns to her father’s house as Rehan, she is haunted by the memories of her life as a woman. ‘Chudala’ is a diving into the spiritual and internal consciousness of Rukhsana, a young Muslim girl in a rapidly urbanizing India who needs to look beyond her patriarchal surrounding and connect with herself. Thus, being inspired from the Indian mythological story of Chudala who became a man in order to enlighten her husband, Rukhsana follows the path of enlightening her father and for that she needs to be seen as a man.

Rerun Saturday April 13 h.20.30 Hall 3