• Friday April 27

    h. 21.00


    Italian subtitles


    Original language (Spanish)

  • Directed by Carla Cavina, Puerto Rico/Venezuela 2017, 113’

    Feature – Fiction


Teresa is a vegetarian and she’s a successful astrophysician. She lives with her fiancée Daniela at Las Palmas isle, she works at the Italian National Telescope Galileo. After years of self-exile, she comes back to Puerto Rico to her family’s farm, to invite them to her wedding. The Diaz are a conservative clan, they own a chicken farm and slaughter and Teresa hates their way of earning money. Since every member of her family is different from what they say to be, Teresa doesn’t find the courage to tell them the truth and she decides to take time. After a series of sabotage by the competing breeders, that risk bringing the family to bankruptcy, Daniela, tired to wait for Teresa at the Canaries, decides to go to Puerto Rico to meet her new family. Unwillingly, she’s going to cause a supernova collapse in the small rural family and a series of chain reactions aimed to unveiling who they really are: extraterrestrial.