• Saturday April 28

    h. 17.00


    Italian subtitles


    Original language (French)

  • Directed by Catherine Corsini, France 2015, 105’

    Feature – Fiction



France, 1971. Delphine lives a simple and hard peasant life working on her parents’ farm in Limousine. Escaping her mother’s expectations, who would like to see her married, following a freedom pulse to which she can’t give a name, one day she makes her suitcase and leaves for Paris. In a street in the capital, she meets Carole, who’s leading a group of young women fighting against patriarchy, during the second wave of feminist activism in the 70s. Delphine is suddenly attracted by them, by their courage and their passion and, fascinated by the charismatic Carole, she begins attending University assemblies and taking part in demonstration actions. Between the two girls soon blossoms a strong understanding that turns into love. When a family emergency obliges Delphine to go back home, Carole follows her in a social and cultural environment that she doesn’t know and that is unfriendly to her. Life in the country puts a strain on their relationship, but the path is marked for both and neither of them will be able to come back.



Panel with director Catherine Corsini and producer Elisabeth Perez

Interviewers: Maria Rosa Cutrufelli and Bia Sarasini

In collaboration with SIL – Società Italiana delle Letterate