• Sunday April 29

    h. 14.30


    Casa del Cinema

  • Directed by Hyun-ju Lee, South Corea 2016, 99’

    Feature – Fiction


An art student meets a charming bartender in Seoul. This is a sincere story, realistic and poetic too. Yoon-ju is an art student that carries out small part-time jobs to make ends meet. She lives in rent by her friend Young-eun. Unlike her, who likes hit-and-run relationships, Yoon-ju is not interested in meeting guys to go out with them to have fun. One day, however, while she is in a shop selling second-hand items, she comes across Ji-soo. Meeting her in such a strange place, she’s attracted to her. Both women, feel the pressure from friends, family and society, all urging them, at this crucial age, to meet a man, settle down and get married “Our Love Story” has already won acclaim in Korea and, in May, the film won the Jeonju International Film Festival. Since then it has toured the world. (San Sebastian Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival)