• Friday April 12

    h. 21.00

  • HALL 3

    Nuovo Cinema Aquila

  • Director: Marianne Farley, Canada 2017, 19’

    Short film

The plot focuses on a nurse (Rachel) and the one she cares for (Marguerite). Their time together follows routine, after Rachel’s same-sex relationship is revealed it manages to pick at Marguerite’s internal scab and wakes an almost forgotten longing for what was, for a long time, a forbidden love. The piece reflects on longing, love and the buried giants in us all. Marguerite’s longing is awakened for good reason and handled with the healing hands of not only a nurse but a woman that was able to cross the bridge she never had the freedom to. Though in Marguerite’s time such desires for the same sex weren’t permitted, that isn’t to say Rachel’s is entirely either. With hate crime towards the LGBT community spreading, this short piece speaks of the restrictions and attitudes pushed onto others in society which ultimately feels as though there is an unwritten law for how one should live their life.

Rerun Saturday April 13 h. 20.30 Hall 3