• Friday April 12

    h. 21.00

  • HALL 2

    Nuovo cinema Aquila

  • Director: Teresa Sala, Italy 2017, 35’

    Short film

Come and meet Barbara. She makes you get into her everyday life, in her memories, in her wishes, in her intimacy, without any censorship and any fear of showing for what she is. Her freshness makes you uncomfortable. Barbara is disabled. This is not love: is it a denial or a question? The attempt to carve out a space, the need of clarifying especially with herself, the questioning of a status, the possibility of an affirmation, an opening to plural ways of loving. A discussion about desire into its many declinations, developing through a portrait of a woman: there’s no point of arrival or a principle to be affirmed. There’s only Barbara, with her strength and the naturalness she shows.

Rerun Saturday April 13 h.16.30 Hall 2