• Sabato 28 Aprile

    h. 15.00


    Casa del Cinema

  • Regia di Yuxi Li, Cina 2016, 15’

    Cortometraggio – PRIMA ITALIANA


La storia dell’amore proibito tra due ragazze, Feather (Piuma) e Phoenix (Fenice), durante la dinastia Ming, che regnò nella Cina feudale e fin oltre il 1600. Feather e Phoenix fuggono da casa e vanno a vivere su una montagna. Un giorno Phoenix se ne va, senza dare spiegazioni, e Feather non smette di aspettarla, perché Phoenix le ha promesso che sarebbe tornata. Dopo tre anni, quando le peonie sono in fiore, riceve sue notizie.

Tear of the Peony tells the story of a forbidden love between two girls, Feather and Phoenix, during the Ming Dynasty age, in feudal China. One day, Feather and Phoenix run away from home to follow their love and go and live their own lives on a mountain. Suddenly, and without a proper reason, Phoenix leaves and Feather stays waiting for her, as she promises she ‘ll come back again. Three years later, when all the peonies are blooming, she finally hears about Phoenix again. The message this film tries to deliver, is that women are born proud and free. Expecting women to be compliant and obey social orders all the time is purely sexist. We, as women, are alive. In Chinese literature, flower buds are the metaphor for girls who haven’t reached their age of realization yet. When the flowers are in full bloom, it symbolizes that the girls become mature and ready to leave. I made a cultural reference in this film by connecting peonies with the girls’ fate.