Best Feature RAFIKI
By Wanuri Kahiu

Fiction Jury Motivation, Jury composed by Ilaria Antonella De Pascalis, President with Simona Almerini and Cristina Vuolo

In the excellent film selection of Immaginaria 2019, we unanimously decided to give the award to the feature film Rafiki, directed by Wanuri Kahiu, for three reasons: the first is political, the second is aesthetic, and the third concerns the film script. From a political point of view, it is undoubtedly the most courageous and committed film of the whole selection: the confrontation with a country where homosexuality and lesbianism themselves are criminal offences, is absolutely urgent. Moreover, the film is visually refined and builds highly effective relationships and characters.

Best Documentary Film Non è amore questo
By Teresa Sala

Documentary Films Jury motivation. Jury composed by Bianca Pomeranzi, President, with Cinzia Bomoli and Elena Biagini.

The best Documentary Award goes to “Non è amore questo” by Teresa Sala, thanks to the artistic and narrative depth with which the director managed to deal with a complex story of desire, sexuality and care. Particularly for rendering the protagonist’s blunt rebellion into an act of breaking that calls into question the so-called normality.

Best Short Film CHUDALA
By Maaria Sayed

Short film. Young Jury, composed by Francesca Sposato, President, with Caterina Barbieri and Adriana Calogero

When a work succeedes in expressing at its best the happy bond between images and words, then it is successful. “Chudala” is a strong and emotional in the extreme care of its composition. We give the award to this work and hope of seeing our film culture increasingly contaminated by non-Western works.

Immaginaria Contest “Donne In Corto” Best Short MUMBLE MUMBLE
by Patrizia Lazzari

Short Film Young Jury, composed by Francesca Sposato, President, with Caterina Barbieri e Arianna Calogero.

We give the award to “Mumble Mumble” by Patrizia Lazzari because of the director’s ability in visual experimentation, supported by a honest and well composed narration in the unfolding of the story, a short film realized with a creative use of small economic resources.